Before continuing the ranking, it is important to explain the notion of hope. In order to be included in this ranking, players had to meet two criteria: to have been born since 1998 and never have been in the top 100. Therefore, there will not be Jannik Sinner, Denis Shapovalov or even Tsitsipas in this ranking because the interest is to make you discover less known players but who have the potential to become very good players. Those who have played second weeks of Grand Slam like Altmaier will not appear in the ranking either.

How was this ranking done?

Several criteria were taken into account. First of all, of course the ability and potential of the player through his performances in ITF, Challenger or even on the ATP circuit (especially in qualifications) for those who already have a little experience. The players chosen in this ranking are also extremely pleasant players to watch with a significant margin of progression on the physical and technical level. Finally, some players who have been stagnating for several years after an early emergence have not been included in this ranking.

ATP / Top 50 hopefuls to follow in 2021: from 50th to 41st place

ATP / Top 50 hopefuls to follow in 2021: from 40th to 31st place

30) Jurij Rodionov (Austria, 1999, best ranking: 141st on 09/11/2020)

This is a very difficult player to classify. After his good Roland Garros, he deserves his place in this ranking. On the other hand, it is difficult to put him higher because he is very inconsistent. After a rather exceptional victory against Shapovalov in Vienna a week later, he lost (6-0, 6-1) against Ivashka. He is a player capable of the best and the worst but at his best level, he has however largely the capacities to enter the top 100 in 2021. He has already won three titles as a challenger (2 on hard and 1 on clay). A complete player at ease on all surfaces, he came out of the qualifiers at Roland Garros to beat Jeremy Chardy and then lost in 4 sets to Gombos. He already counts 7 victories against the top 100 including 6 on hard courts. One year ago, Wolfgang Thiem (Dominic's father) accepted a consulting role (training/competition coordination, calendar management, performance analysis) in the young Austrian's staff led by his brother Egor at the time. With this partnership and the arrival of Javier Frana as head coach at the beginning of the season, Rodionov achieved his best ranking in his career and his best performances on the main circuit.

29) Zachary Svajda (USA, 2002, best ranking: 764th on 23/11/2020)

You may remember this young player who played his first game on the Main Tour on August 26, 2019 at the US Open at the age of 16. He had an incredible match against Lorenzi that he finally lost in 5 sets after 4h24 of play and leading two sets zero. Since then, hampered by injuries and suspension from the tour, Zachary Svajda, who turned 18 this Sunday, hasn't won many matches. In exhibition play, he still managed a few good matches against Giron (73rd in the world) with a 6-4,7-5 win and even took a set from Sam Querrey, "a great experience," said Svajda. "Querrey is the best player I've ever played against, so it was a great learning experience. " Tennis is often guilty of making a young player who stands out from the crowd into a nugget too early, but the qualities of this player are undeniable. Winner of the national under-18 championship at just 16 - a feat achieved only by Donald Young over the past 20 years - Zachary Svajda still needs to improve physically, but he is so young that he has time for that. Bradley Klahn had the opportunity to play against him this summer: "Svajda is incredibly talented. "Here's a video from 2008 where the then five-year-old Savjda already had perfect timing in his shots.

28) Ulises Blanch (USA, 1998, best ranking: 236th on 12/10/2020)

This young American hopeful is a very complete player on all surfaces with good service and excellent speed. After a good first round at the US Open and a five-set loss to seeded player number 13 (Garin), he went on to qualify well for Roland Garros. In spite of these two very good tournaments, Ulises Blanch continued to perform poorly. He already has one ITF title on hard court and two titles as a challenger (one on clay and one on hard court). He also reached the semi-finals of Wimbledon in junior. He has already competed several times in the top 100: a victory over Cuevas on clay, another over Andujar on hard court, he also took a set from Kecmanovic and lost with honours to Mannarino. He has the qualities to get close to the world top 150 in 2021.

27) Gian Marco Moroni (Italy, 1998, best ranking: 209th on 24/08/2020)

You may know this player, a pure earthling, who for the past few years has been considered one of the best hopes in the world. However, he skates, struggles to break through, and has a string of good and not-so-good performances. Last August, there was some good at the challenger in Todi where he beat Alcaraz (6-3, 6-2) and Altmaier (eighth finalist at Roland Garros). But since that very good tournament, he has lost four of his last five matches. Still, he remains one of the world's best prospects on clay, where he has already stood up to Delbonis. He has one ITF title and two finals as a challenger.

26) Facundo Diaz Acosta (Argentina, 2000, best ranking: 402nd on 24/08/2020)

Another young Argentinean who is very good on clay, and it's far from being the last one! Like all his compatriots, he has performed very well this year, especially in March when he won the ITF tournament in Hurlingham, Argentina. He beat the two Cerundolo brothers and Sebastian Baez, who are also three of Argentina's most promising players. He is also part of this lineage and can certainly explode in 2021.

Next: ranking from 25th to 21st place

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