Before continuing the ranking, it is important to explain the notion of hope. In order to be included in this ranking, players had to meet two criteria: to have been born since 1998 and never have been in the top 100. Therefore, there will not be Jannik Sinner, Denis Shapovalov or even Tsitsipas in this ranking because the interest is to make you discover less known players but who have the potential to become very good players. Those who have played second weeks of Grand Slam like Altmaier will not appear in the ranking either.

Several criteria were taken into account. First of all, of course the ability and potential of the player through his performances in ITF, Challenger or even on the ATP circuit (especially in qualifications) for those who already have a little experience. The players chosen in this ranking are also extremely pleasant players to watch with a significant margin of progression on the physical and technical level. Finally, some players who have been stagnating for several years after an early emergence have not been included in this ranking.

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ATP / Top 50 Hopes to Watch in 2021: from 20th to 16th place

15) Luca Nardi (Italy, 2003, best ranking: 797th on 09/11/2020)

Here is a very young hopeful still little known to the general public. This year, he made himself known this year with a wildcard for the tournament in Antwerp. He had made a very good first round despite a defeat in three sets against the American Giron. He also won his first ITF tournament in March at only 16 years old. His margin of progress is enormous and he should clearly improve in the next few seasons. From next year, he will have the opportunity to express himself at the challenger level and to climb the rankings. Note that he had beaten Musetti at the end of 2019 on clay.

14) Jiri Lehecka (Czech Republic, 2001, best ranking: 351st on 07/12/2020)

Winner of Wimbledon doubles and the Junior Australian Open with partner Jonas Forejtek, this player is one of the biggest hopes in world tennis. This year he won his first ITF tournament in Prague in September. On clay, he made two very good challenges in the Czech Republic where he even reached the semi-final in Prostejov. He notably beat Ferreira Silva, Milojevic and Horansky who are clay court players of a good level. He will be in the running next year but will need to get better as a challenger before considering his debut on the ATP circuit. He is equally comfortable on hard and clay.

13) Tomas Martin Etcheverry (Argentina, 1999, best ranking: 247th on 12/10/2020)

Here is the penultimate Argentinean hopeful in this ranking, extremely well stocked in clay court specialist oriverdes players. He was impressive in September by beating the two very fit players of the moment: Rodrigues Alves (winner of the Sao Paulo challenger) and Francisco Cerundolo (winner of the Campinas, Guayaquil and Split challengers) by the same score of 6-3, 6-0). It will therefore be clearly to be followed on clay next season. He is however 1m96 tall and should be better on fast surfaces but his quality of movement is excellent for a player of his stature. He has already won 5 ITF titles, all on clay. As a challenger, the balance is balanced for the moment (50% of victories).

12) Kacper Zuk (Poland, 1999, best ranking: 259th on 09/11/2020)

This is the player who has certainly made the most progress this year. He has had an amazing season. Right from the beginning of the year we knew he was in great shape. Indeed, his surprise victory at the ATP Cup against Dennis Novak announced the color of the season that he was going to make: 4 titles in ITF, a semi-final in challenger where he beat notably Vasek Pospisil. It's simple, this player has hardly known defeat in 2020 and continued his good performances. To be followed very closely in 2021 because this player clearly already has the level to get closer to the top 100.

11) Jonas Forejtek (Czech Republic, 2001, best ranking: 355th on 16/11/2020)

The brother of Filip Forejtek (a skier who participated in the 2018 Olympics) is a huge hope for world tennis. You have certainly already seen his video when he was young when he trained with a wooden spoon to center his balls. This former world junior number one won the US Open in singles as well as Wimbledon and the Australian Open in doubles. He is very complete and technically at ease on all surfaces. He made headlines at the end of the year by beating Cilic in two sets in Sofia. His straight forehands are a pure marvel and deserves to follow him very closely in 2021 ...

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