Which Roger Federer should we expect next season? After an almost white year to get a recalcitrant knee back on its feet, the Swiss player has decided to postpone the date of his return and will not be going to Australia to compete in the ATP Cup and Melbourne. He could make his return to Rotterdam in early March or Dubai in mid-March. Is the Swiss player still capable of playing at his best and winning another Grand Slam title? This is one of the questions of this new decade which starts in a few days. Elected for the 18th consecutive year as the favorite player of tennis fans around the world, Roger Federer is the record holder - tied with his eternal rival Rafael Nadal - of Grand Slam titles with 20 trophies lifted between Wimbledon 2003 and the 2018 Australian Open. He is also one of the 4 players (along with Nadal, Djokovic and Agassi) to have won the 4 major events at least once: Australian Open (6), Roland Garros (1), Wimbledon (8) and US Open (5). In 2020, Roger Federer had a near-white season with only one tournament played, the Australian Open, where he reached the semi-finals, beaten in three sets by Djokovic. After this first Grand Slam win (and before the health crisis), Roger Federer announced his intention to have surgery on his right knee and gave the public an appointment for the grass season. The suspension of the tour changed the situation and the maestro decided to end his season in mid-June. But Roger Federer is not the maestro for nothing. This decision, well thought out, was made with a crystal clear objective in mind. He also shared it on Twitter: "I plan to take my time so that I can be at 100% and play at my best level. I'm going to miss my fans and the tour a lot and I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again at the start of the 2021 season. » This reflection was the same in 2016. At the age of 35, and with his last major title, his 17th, already more than four years old when he won his 7th Wimbledon title, Federer ended his season in August. For many observers and tennis fans, it was the swan song for the Swiss. A decline considered normal that saddened more than it surprised. The tennis world was preparing to bid farewell to one of the sport's greatest legends, but was hoping to see him again in 2017 for a kind of farewell tour with perhaps one last shining moment... It will last for most of its 2017 season and even part of the next one! Federer, who has now fallen back to 17th place in the world, competed in the Australian Open, where he was last crowned in 2010. Two weeks later, after three victories in five sets against Nishikori, Wawrinka and especially Nadal in the final in the revenge of the legends, Federer won his 18th Grand Slam title and brought euphoria to his fans and tennis fans. The Swiss tennis player had skipped the clay court season and returned to his London garden for Wimbledon, where he won for the 8th time (the record) without losing a single set during the fortnight, all this after celebrating his 36th birthday! Simply incredible! Marin Cilic was swept in 3 dry sets in the final! The Croatian will meet Federer again in January 2018 during the final of the Australian Open. If this last one had competed in 5 sets, it fell however again in the escarcelle of the master! And by 20! The account is there! Since his return, one year earlier, the Swiss player had won 61 victories for 5 defeats and had therefore won 8 tournaments including 3 Grand Slam (out of 4 played) and 3 Masters 1000! Following his last success in Melbourne, he was back at the number 1 position in the world, at more than 36 and a half years old (again, a record). Three years later, is Roger Federer capable of winning another Major? It's a good bet that this is one of the Swiss's goals, but is he still in control of his destiny? At the age of 39, an age when the vast majority of professional players have already put away their racquets, and even if he has nothing left to prove, Federer is still an incredible winning machine. We can only imagine that he won't be coming back for nothing.  

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The eye of Florent Serra :

Can he do it? Yes. Will he do it? It is impossible to answer this question without knowing in what physical condition he will resume the season after a year without any games played. In 2016, when he stopped to deal with his physical problems, he came back and was still at a higher level than the majority of top players. His physical condition will be one of the keys. He may also target his tournaments, but I think that despite his 39 years, he is still capable of hitting a Grand Slam. It's the same observation as for Serena Williams in WTA. He's luckiest at Wimbledon. Two years ago, he proved that he could do it, coming within 1 point of the victory over Djokovic. It will be more complicated on the other surfaces. We felt him more physically difficult on hard at the US Open or in Melbourne, especially against Millman, Tsitsipas or Dimitrov.

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