The player Li Don't you tell you anything? It's normal, this 24-year-old Australian hasn't played a single match on the ATP circuit or in the Challenger. His last ITF match was in 2014. However, he is listed among the potential players who can recover the wildcard left vacant by Andy Murray, who forfeited his place at the Australian Open. So how is this possible? A look back at the itinerary of this little-known player, who may well be playing his first Grand Slam match. At the age of 16, Li Tu had decided not to continue playing tennis because he was having a hard time digesting defeats and was not making the progress he had hoped for. He was one of Australia's best hopes at the time, along with Kokkinakis and Saville. In 2020, during the pandemic, he returned to Australia and participated in the UTR tournament. Everybody had forgotten him for all these years, but nevertheless, his excellent results will quickly make him talk about him again. In 34 UTR matches, he will win 32 against good players and notably Polmans (124th). Currently, he is still unclassified ATP, so we could see a player unclassified in the ATP in a Grand Slam tournament, which would still be quite exceptional. This player has many qualities including a very good service, he manages to do a lot of aces. He also has a very powerful forehand but has a small weakness on the backhand side. If you want to see what he is worth, here is his match against Polmans

We don't know when Murray's replacement will be announced but Li Tu, with her atypical background, is one of the favourites to get her back.

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