Eddy Murphy and Dan Aykroyd would appreciate the wink, but not sure if the atmosphere on the court tomorrow morning will turn to burlesque comedy. Whereas the first semi-final has reserved us a more than unexpected guest in the person of Aslan Karatsev, we will have in this second one a more classic duel between two of the greatest leaders of the new generation who will fight to challenge Novak Djokovic in the final. Titled at Bercy, at the Masters and at the ATP Cup, Medvedev will try to sign a 20th consecutive victory whereas Tsitsipas has just achieved the greatest feat of his career by beating Nadal despite a handicap of two sets - thus joining Federer and Fognini. To reach the last four, Medvedev once again disposed of one of his favourite victims, his good friend Andrey Rublev, in the quarter-final. In a good quality match, which was initially very undecided, the Russian, as is often the case against his compatriot, managed to win the important points. The end of the first set was redacted by Rublev and break balls saved in the middle of the second set allowed Medvedev to go straight to his first semi-final in Melbourne by signing a 6th victory in as many face to face victories against Rublev. For the latter, it is a sign that the quarter-finals in Grand Slam are currently his glass ceiling - 4 defeats in 4 matches - and that he has work to do to hope to go higher. Concerning Medvedev, it is one more confirmation that he is one of the very best players in the world on hard court. Everything seems to be going well for the Russian but he still had a little physical alert at the end of the match. The match was quite short but rather intense and the Russian had cramps in the last game. "I just went to the bench in the last game of the match and started to get cramps in my quadriceps.... I had to not show it", said Medvedev. "For the last three points I couldn't move my leg." He also said the heat had been "super hard" as there had been rather mild conditions so far in Australia. "We had a maximum of 20°C to 23°C and for this quarter-final against Andrey it was hot with some incredible rallies. After the points it was hard to breathe. »  

The semi-final will take place in the evening, so the conditions will be much more clement and the physical situation shouldn't be a problem for the Russian. For Tsitsipas, things haven't been so easy. The Greek rider got out of a situation from which it is almost impossible to get out of since he is only the 2nd player to succeed in raising a handicap of two sets against Nadal. The match was at first totally dominated by the Spaniard with a Tsitsipas multiplying the direct fouls trying to follow the rhythm of Nadal. Then in a 3rd and very dominated by the waiters (4 points lost in the whole set), the match started to balance. Nadal completely missed his tie-break and from that moment on, Tsitsipas increased his level of play to finally dispose logically of Nadal in the 4th and 5thet. This is a huge exploit for him who had rather difficult to confirm in Grand Slam since his epic here in 2019, when he managed to beat Federer. It is never insignificant to beat a player like Nadal in a Grand Slam and it cost him 4h10 of a high intensity effort - both physical and mental, the question of recovery and nerve impulse will obviously be crucial for him before his semi-final. The bookmakers are making Medvedev their clear favourite for this match (around 70%) and this seems from a statistical point of view quite logical since all the indicators seem to be in favour of the Russian here. He is going to arrive much fresher than his opponent, he is on this incredible winning streak with notably 11 consecutive victories against top 10 players and he has a significant advantage in the confrontations as he leads 5-1 including 3-0 on hard court on the away leg. The Greek may find a reason for hope in their last confrontation since he won the Masters in 2019. Medvedev is an excellent defender and counter-attacker and the key to the match for Tsitsipas will be to succeed in attacking him continuously without slowing down during the game. It is a very complicated task that awaits him, probably at least as difficult as the one he had to perform against Nadal but the Greek is a warrior (he demonstrated this once again yesterday) and he loves the smell of these great matches so we can be sure that he will try everything to find solutions and break through the Medvedev wall. Does he even have the capacity in a three-set winning format after such a fight against Rafa? Will Medvedev's cramps at the end of his match against Rublev bring down the cards in this volcanic semi-final?

The opinion of Jeremy Ritz: ⭐️⭐️ Medvedev's victory Editor's note: ⭐️ Medvedev Victory 3-1

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