This is the match not to be missed. An opposition that should offer us a lot of entertainment. On the one hand, we'll have the acrimony of Danielle Collins, who has just beaten the world number 1 and title holder of this tournament in Adelaide. In both sets, Barty had the break ahead but the American's strength of abnegation was highlighted on this match with a lot of character in this warrior. But we still felt that the Australian wasn't necessarily at 100 % of her physical capacities. We repeat it. Barty was strapped to her thigh during the Australian Open and signed a return to the competition after 8 months of absence. There are also some deadlines in Doha next week. However, coming back to Collins, we can say that she imploded the Australian with her power and her ability to accelerate the ball in a rather disconcerting way, especially on the backhand side. And yet, the previous tournament in Melbourne (4 days back), didn't end well with a big discomfort on the back. She was even forced to serve with a spoon on some points and finished the match in tears. Her first round here against Zheng was tricky but she reassured about her physical condition, despite a rather average performance. Swiatek is in her year of confirmation after her first title won on the WTA Tour, which is none other than Roland Garros. And even if ochre is her favourite surface, she has shown a lot of improvement in her game in this hard beginning of the season. Although she hasn't been able to put up exceptional performances, the 19 year old Polish girl looks more serene, sure of her strength. She is very creative and opportunistic - but sometimes too rightly so - and this very daring game makes her go on to make mistakes. Her volume of play at the back of the court is impressive, as is her footwork, which she masters perfectly in defence. She is very fast and has good ground coverage. On her two seemingly easy rounds in this tournament, she led the way and made the winning shots and fouls like in her second set against Inglis. We noticed this quiet strength of the Polish rider when in the 7th game, after 6 really hard fought rounds, she decided herself to accelerate and make the decision. So a high intensity match awaits us. We have rarely seen Collins play so many tournaments in a row and she paid dearly for it last week. Could she blame it on a stunning feat? Or will she be even more transcended? It's hard to give an exact answer to these questions. What is certain is that these are two players who will have the will to hurt (each other) by deploying their very different styles of play. It makes sense to give a slight advantage to Swiatek even though she will probably make more mistakes because she is very creative. But she has this ability to play the shots differently and to attack multiple zones, especially with this straight or even long line backhand which could well hinder Collins. The latter is still very powerful when she makes her move forward so it will be the one who is the most enterprising and creative who will win.  

Anastasia Sevastova vs Jil Teichmann

Anastasjia Sevastova is back in colour in this Adelaide tournament with a lot of application and involvement in her first round. A second round led from the head of the shoulders against McHale who replaced Elise Mertens, forfeit. She is back in business with a lot of envy in each of her matches. She likes to set the wrong rhythm and vary the game. However, she has a very nice hand for annoying her opponents. Her first ball quality has been remarkable since the beginning of the tournament with 75% success and 70% points won behind her first ball. Her service makes her putting easier. Her first round body language makes one want to believe in her revival for a player who was close to the top 10 in 2018 (11th player in the world). In her post-match interview of the second round, she said she feels good and finds pleasure on the court. She hasn't conceded a set in two matches so far and she intends to continue this trend. To do so, she will have to get rid of the Swiss Jil Teichmann who continues her great adventure after her quarter-final last week at the Phillips Island Trophy. She has just won two laps against Mladenovic and Qiang Wang. Two lacklustre matches with good and not so good results. She is less consistent in the exchange and rushes too much. She remains nevertheless a difficult player to overtake with her sense of anticipation and her ability to move forward to come and get the points at the net. Her serve remains a strength but it is very inconsistent this week with only 50% success, which forces her to make the difference in the game. Teichmann is the favourite of the bookmakers. However, Sevastova is in much better shape and rhythm this week in terms of his tennis. She is regaining her 2018 qualities, namely a very clean return with a lot of length and a good quality of service. She has the ability to always make her players play, and even outwit her opponents. The Latvian wants to do well in Adelaide and to see her outsider is quite surprising. The value is clearly on her. Sevastova has all the cards in hand to come out on top tonight.  

Cori Gauff vs Shelby Rogers

This is another fine poster of these quarter-finals. After a complicated beginning of the season, where the motivation seemed to us to be minimal, Coco Gauff is back to her best since the Australian Open. And just to debate about her current tournament, we can say that she's got the right wagon back. First of all she got out of a quagmire against the very talented Paolini, who is starting to progress on a surface that is not hers. She also comes out of a very tough match against a Martic not yet at her top level. In the first set, there has been a lot of precipitation from Gauff, which isn't his register. So she gave a lot of points for free. And in the second part of the match, without necessarily performing at the restart, Gauff was able to find a regularity on his first balls and didn't concede any breaks in the last two sets. We know that it is on serve that Coco has trouble finding regularity. Shelby Rogers had her best game of the season, taking out Johanna Konta (6-2, 6-2) when she was coming to restart after recent abdominal pain. We know Shelby's serving qualities, with a willingness to cut the exchange short and hurt on the first 3 shots of the racket. But even she was amazed at her level of play on the restart in this match. In a post-match interview, Rogers bluntly confided that she didn't know that she could do that kind of play. Throughout the entire match, she had the British girl struggling on her seconds, finding a lot of length and sometimes even on first down. Rogers suffocated her opponent from start to finish, dominating Konta in almost every compartment of the game, except for the long exchanges. Rogers only lost to the world No. 1 at the start of the season and is now regaining some exceptional sensations. For this player who is looking to regain her best level since 2017, it is a real satisfaction. Her current ranking (53rd) doesn't reflect her talent at all. If she continues at this pace for a few more weeks, she will quickly reach the top 20 in the world. The current trend logically gives a certain advantage to Rogers, who is more confident. Gauff comes back well after a soft beginning of the season. But she hasn't really relaunched well on her match against Martic with a lot of precipitation and inaccuracies. Shelby has a fairly constant percentage of firsts and she relies on her spontaneity to immediately bring her opponents out of their comfort zone. If Gauff shows a little bit of feverishness on her seconds, as usual, she could be quickly sanctioned. Shelby's plan will be very simple. Hurt Coco very early in the exchange.  

Storm Sanders vs Belinda Bencic

The Australian continues her great adventure after this new exploit against the 28th player in the world, Yiula Putintseva. She showed that she was full of resourcefulness to hold the match and win it at the end of the 3rd and last set. The Kazakhe is not an easy player to play, but Sanders knew how to play the right game to come and beat her with a forward looking game and this straight setback that got the better of her opponent. She has once again played without complex and doesn't hesitate to seize every opportunity that comes her way. It was a fourth victory in a row for this player who had never performed on the main circuit before. She plays most often in doubles and this can be seen by her ease on serve and on the volley. She feels very good here in Adelaide and wants to continue the adventure as much as she can. She will have to be ready and expect a real fight for her first quarter-final on the WTA circuit. She is going to meet the 12th rider in the world, Belinda Bencic. The Swiss rider had a hard time to find her rythm at the Australian Open despite two victories to reach the 16th finals. For her first round that opposed her to the Japanese Misaki Doi, she didn't make it in the semi-finals with a very enterprising game and a very early catch. Her serve was more consistent than in her last performances. In the game, she let us see a nice rhythm and pace with a lot of involvement and concentration and less annoyance. She is in a part of the season that she appreciates a lot with fast playing conditions that favour her game. She could see herself going for this title in a WTA500 with a fairly open draw. This match promises to be intense with two players who like to play offensively. Belinda Bencic is given favourite status by the bookmakers and this status is quite legitimate considering her ranking and her performance in the first round. However, we should expect a real fight with a Storm Sanders who will try everything and won't give up anything. Nevertheless, Belinda Bencic will be able to get rid of the Australian by taking the game on her own like she knows how to do it by taking the ball early and by trying to be aggressive on the comeback like she knows how to do it so well. The Swiss's odds are not worth taking.  

Editor's note

⭐️⭐️⭐️--- ⭐️⭐️ Sevastova 1 set ⭐️ Victory Rogers / Victory Sevastova / Victory Swiatek

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