What a journey for the little Colombian who had already reached the quarter-finals here in 2019 at just 17 years of age. Galvanised by the fact of playing on her home ground, with a small audience behind her, Osorio Serrano, now 19, gives off a very positive body language and her self-motivated cries are revealing concerning her determination. A small player, she likes to play on her variety to build her points. Her serve is shy but she can be very effective on the forehand with good precision and a certain commitment. More deficient on her backhand, she often prefers to use slice to defend. And despite her small size, her explosiveness and volume of play give her a lot of quality at the net. Her real reference match this week? Her easy win against Martincova, when she was a big underdog. The more the tournament in Bogota comes to an end, the more Tamara Zidansek reveals herself as the great favourite. What was noticeable during her week was her ability to start the first set with an incisive game and a lot of forehand shifts as well as well hit drop shots. Then in almost all his matches, we noticed more waste in the second part of the match. This famous carelessness and the will to dictate the game were sometimes detrimental to him. Also perhaps a bit of pressure to conclude a match that was well conducted in the first part of the match. She was 4-1 down against Tomova and 4-0 against Errani. In the end, the revival was always of high quality and the remounting of the same grade. From a tennis point of view, Tamara Zidansek has the keys to the match and has to play the game with her forehand and her numerous drop shots. But the Colombian's determination, the pressure of the public, the fact that she is the favourite and the recurrent slumps throughout the week mean that the match could take longer than expected. A match that may be more tightly contested than it seems?

Editor's Opinion: over 20.5 games in the match



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